I am starting to create more videography and visual content on my YouTube channel to show and help people understand the time, work and skill that goes into creating boards. I would be very grateful if you could login and subscribe to my channel (its free to do). I am going to be creating shaping, glassing and surfing videos as well as how to and workshop tour videos. Please subscribe, thankyou.

Latest 6 Channel Glider and some recent board testing on the 9’6 thruster.6 channel longboard glider


Tom and Raf from Belgium picking up their new boards.

11’0 Glider Handshaped from 11’3 US Blank. This one took me many hours over a few days. Notice the double concave channel running 2/3rd of the board. Final Dimensions were 11,0 x 24 x 3, 1/4″.

11’0 Glider Glassed and finished

Latest Handshape : 8ft x 21, 3/4″ x 2, 3/4″ channeled twin fin. This will be in stock in the showroom soon.channeled twin fin