Electrofish Surfboards was established in 2014 by myself, Joshua Hughes. I have always been interested in the history of surfing and the evolution of different surf craft. Most of my shapes have been inspired from successful water craft designs of the past.

Everyone of my boards is shaped, glassed, sanded and finished by myself in my workshop in North Devon. The processes of manufacture i use have barely changed since the 60s and each board involves hours of hand crafted work.

I have been lucky enough to have had experience working as a production glasser at the Ocean Magic Surfboard Factory in Cornwall. I continued shaping and glassing my own boards whilst working there aswell as glassing boards for brands such as NS, Pyzel, Jim Banks and Custard Point.

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Board Testing

All of my shapes have been through a process of prototyping, testing and tweaking many times. From listening to customer feedback to swapping my board in the lineup with someone else. The more boards i shape and surf the more confident i am in knowing that my shapes surf and perform as they should.

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