Electrofish Surfboards was established by Joshua Hughes in 2014, from his passion of Surfing and inspiration of classic surf craft. He was introduced to surfing by his father who surfed a 1966 Bilbo longboard at his local break, Westward Ho! Both still surf here today although are now riding their own personal hand crafted boards.
Josh built his own factory workshop and in 2015 and has since produced some truly stunning craft there. The processes he uses for manufacture have barely changed since the 60s and each board involves hours of hand crafted work.

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Every Electrofish board is completely bespoke and Josh  carries out every step of the process himself from shaping the blank, to lamination and fine finishing. All of  the colour work is done in the laminating and coating stages with resin tints and pigments, this way the colour lasts much longer than any other process. Josh says “By doing every stage of production myself i can picture the board i am after from the start and create it. From the outline, contours and fin setup in the shape to the design and artwork in resin. I am also in control of the quality of work and attention to detail throughout the whole process.”

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Board Testing

All of Josh’s designs have been through a process of prototyping , testing and tweaking many times. Usually tested by himself and friends, he enjoys talking to fellow surfers in the water and has often swapped boards so they can get a feel of what his shapes are like and so they can feedback their views and opinions on them. Through this process he is not only able to achieve boards that look stunning but also boards that surf well and customers choose to ride, over any other board in their quiver.

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