This is Electrofish's progressive all wave longboard model.  Designed to increase performance and maneuverability to help execute large powerful cutbacks and off the lips. The bottom consists of a  deep concave  throughout the nose and belly switching to double concave in the last 1/3 of the board and flattening out behind center fin to allow water release. The rails are beveled throughout the nose slowly decreasing to just in front of the fins where it turns sharp, this is to help prevent the nose and rails from digging when the board is being surfed of the tail and helps with rail to rail transfer. The outline consists of a nicely tucked rounded pintail but still has plenty of width in the nose for early takeoffs and noseriding. The rocker is not ridiculous unlike most performance longboards which will feel like they are pushing water when paddling. The Barb has a nicely curved continuous rocker throughout with slight more kick in tail to allow for extra lift in the nose when its wanted. 

I ride this model myself and have ridden it in small and large hollow surf and it goes well in anything with the correct fin setup. In 1-3ft surf i use a small 8" single fin, this makes the board very fast and loose and noserides very well. Anything above 3ft put the sides in and you will have extra hold and drive for more powerful turns. This is without doubt my favourite board at the moment. 

Dimensions from 9' to 9'6 x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8".