Inspired by the very popular magic carpet design. Basically a longboard with the middle section cut away.  An ideal one wave quiver board that will work in most conditions with easy paddling, take off and overall surfing.  An alternative to your longboard if you are looking for something a little more responsive and maneuverable. In my opinion this is an ideal board for learning on too as it is has plenty of width in the nose and tail making it more stable than your average minimal.

The contours on this design depend on if you are ordering as a singlefin or 2+1/quad. The single will have a slight belly in the nose running to a slight vee in the tail giving it a bit more glide and allowing easy rail to rail transfer. The 2+1/quad setups will have a similar nose but more of a double concave/ spiral vee in the tail for a little more control in the turns.

Order from 6ft up to 9ft.